Monday, September 11, 2006

In Remembrance of Claudia Suzette Sutton

Claudia Suzette Sutton was a beautiful, vibrant young woman. Mrs. Sutton worked for Cantor Fitzgerald in New York, NY. She died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. She was their Senior Regulator Accountant.

Claudia was not just a woman who worked at Cantor Fitzgerald, she was a beautiful wife, a doting mother of two sweet children, a terrific friend and a loving daughter to her parents. She is greatly missed by friends and loved ones. Her children were very young when she passed.
She was fiercely proud of them. She loved them beyond measure and gave everything she could to love them in the best possible manner. As a friend, Claudia is remembered as one who gave advice and encouragement to her friends when they were in need.
Childhood friends remember Claudia's beautiful smile, her kind words and a lovely green pleated skirt. They speak of her tenderness, her compassion and her love of life.
Claudia Suzette Sutton
Age 34
Cantor Fitzgerald
WTC 911

The Island Of St Croix US Virgin Islands
is where you were born & raised.

Migrating to NY in 1984 completing
your accounting education without delay.

You held various accounting positions
at different companies of an array.

You worked at Cantor for three months
loving it in every way.

The cornerstone of your life
was your Christian faith surveyed.

Your pride and joy was being a mother
without question or say.

Being a devoted mother
was your passion conveyed.

Spending time with your family
gave you great joy each and every day.

Your gorgeous smile could brighten a room
like the brilliance of the suns rays.

Your drive and determination
was always greatly displayed.

Your laughter was like
a wonderful sound of music being made.

Loving, caring, considerate, generous
is how your life is portrayed.

You gave husband Bernell your heart as soul mates
you shared a friendship combined.

Your spirit of love dwells deep
within his heart and constant on his mind.

You were his life, his love, and his chosen companion
with whom he intertwined.

To your family and friends
your life was a true gift of love assigned.

Children Kadijah & Kile
are your living legacies precious and fine,

Your life will continue to be seen in them
along with your love so well defined.

Your love encircles all your family
and is evident in the stars that shine,

You’re watching over the family you love,
you’re their greatest hero divine.

Written By
Diane Huggins

Your life will never be forgotten!
Rest in Peace!

Claudia is survived by Bernell, Kadijah and Kyle, who miss her greatly.
Rest in peace, Claudia. Rest in peace.

Author's note: After receiving Claudia's name in May of 2006, I embarked on a journey to find as much information about her as I could. I did not find as much as I wished too. I found one picture, a few sentiments left from her friends who clearly loved this beautiful woman, and the poem, written by Diane Huggins. If anyone has any information, any comments, or would like to correct any information that I have presented, I would be honored.

I have often stared at this picture of this gorgeous woman and you can see the love of life in her eyes. You can see the hope, the confidence, the zest for life. She is one admirable lady. Claudia is described by her friends, family and loved ones, as the type of woman I strive to be. She lived a short, but very meaningful life. Most people her age, and even older never reach their full potential, it seems Claudia did.